Samsung phone tracker with imei number

You can track the approximate location and route of your lost device.

If your device is nearby, it will sound the ringtone for 1 minute at its maximum volume, helping you find the device. You can also assign a family member or friend as a guardian via Find My Mobile, and let them locate your device, make it ring, and enable Emergency mode. Even if you have forgotten the screen lock code for your device e. You can reset the screen lock remotely from the Find My Mobile website.

When you enable this feature, your biometric data, such as your fingerprints and irises, will also be deleted from the device.

Imei Phone Tracker Software / Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone Locator App | Instytut Metropolitalny

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Find My Device by Google

Tracking a lost or stolen iPhone can be easy, especially with the right software. You can also enable the Activation Lock. This feature will stop anyone else from using your device. It will show you the location on the map. If you want to use it, you will have to enable this feature first on your iPhone. Usually, when a phone is missing or stolen, it gets turned off or runs out of battery. You can track its last known location, but you must be fast.

Phone stolen? Don’t panic

After 24 hours, it will stop showing the previous location on Find My iPhone. The first thing you should do is ask so to call you.

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If your phone is not too far, you may hear it ring nearby. Other devices that share the same credentials stay connected as well. The villain who stole your device may click the sign-in button and see your documents, break the code of other default apps, or personal photos. Your mobile has to be available for monitoring to know how to find a lost android phone.


Finding how to track a lost phone using computer software may have won you the upper hand against a villain. It is crucial to turn to the police.